The Author

My name is Cortez Brasean and I was born and raised in TN. I’m the oldest boy of three and I have an older sister and younger brother. I grew up with both my parents in the household who taught me wrong from right and to respect my elders. I believe that’s one reason I overcame majority of my tribulations by respecting everything around me and keeping my higher power first. I feel like I grew up like any other lower class kid in the early nineties. Of course, I didn’t act on all the righteous things my parents taught me while I was growing up especially in my teenage years. Like the average black kid, I experienced alternative schools, detention centers, and juvenile institutions. I wasn’t the perfect kid who obeyed their parents so of course I suffered consequences. What I will say is I have always been the type of person who seeks proper counsel, righteousness, and correction. I say that to say every time I did disobey my parent’s rules. The so-called trouble I got myself into turned out to be some of the most valuable life lessons I’ve experienced. Every consequence that I endured made me a better individual. I found myself getting closer to my higher power and even taking on leadership roles and trying to inspire and guide others coming up behind me. That’s basically what my works are, all my tribulations while showing the youth no matter how tragic it may seem the significance, aret, and blessings in all of the above. It’s up to us people to actually be able to interpret the hidden messages the universe has in store.